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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Ubuntu – Dapper Drake

I’ve been playing with my Ultra 5 Workstations again. I decided that with a bit more memory and a current linux current and Gnome or KDE that they would make nice introductory/development machines for my kids. I pulled Debian Sarge R2, which is still using the 2.4.2x Kernl, and got things running smoothly, except when […]

SQLite – Date Formats for strftime()

** strftime( FORMAT, TIMESTRING, MOD, MOD, …) ** ** Return a string described by FORMAT. Conversions as follows: ** ** %d day of month ** %f ** fractional seconds SS.SSS ** %H hour 00-24 ** %j day of year 000-366 ** %J ** Julian day number ** %m month 01-12 ** %M minute 00-59 ** […]

New hosting services

After experimenting with Dynamic DNS, and working with a mail server behind a Comcast IP, I have decided to take advantage of a hosting service. So once again I have moved my sites, this time from my home servers to a dedicated hosting service. I must say it has been a pleasant experience. I moved […]

It’s always the little things…

I’m getting over more hurdles in Ruby. The amount of material on the web regarding Ruby and RoR is great, but some of the simplest things seem to take me the longest to figure out. Using Ruby to import data from some Excel spreadsheets on Windows, things are going great the win32ole automation is straightforward, […]

Getting Real

While doing further exploration of 37signals I came across their book Getting Real, it’s well worth the $19.00, if only to have all the random thoughts that you have had for years about software development be put into writing. Not to mention that a lot of the material applies to things outside the software development […]

Elsif – Ruby

Wow – Just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why my If…else if… end construct wasn’t working. I’ve been working on my first project using RoR, and just came across this one. I looked at several docs before finding Angus McDonald’s blog entry Playing with Ruby on Rails. Up until his blog entry which […]

Project Management

Well the Ruby on Rails learning process is going well. I decided to check out Basecamp, since David Heinemeier Hansson is behind them both. So far I’m very impressed with basecamp. I just signed up for their Plus plan which adds Time Tracking to the system, and at $49.00 a month I can’t spend the […]