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Personal Brain 4.0

I’ve been using Personal Brain ( for a little over five years now herunterladen. With this latest version they have finally released a client for OS X as well as for Linux.

It is great to not have to use Parallels to access it russische lieder herunterladen. For a while I switched to Journlr under OS X, but I have so much stuff and time into Personal Brains that Journlr inspite of some really cool features, couldn’t overcome my history tik tok songs.

Now with PB 4.0 on the mac, I have made a couple of additional utilities. I wrote a small ruby script that I can run from a command line that creates entries into a text file automatically whatsapp. Then I wrote an applescript that will read the log file and locate the appropriate thoughts in my brain and add the children thoughts to it.

It’s been fun and interesting… next step is to play with RubyOSA, although I don’t think that will go very far skype voor windows 7 download for free. Currently Personal Brain is not a scriptable app with apple script, so RubyOSA can’t find a definition.

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