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Monthly Archives: April 2008


Well it is official… I join the YELLOWPAGES.COM team as a dev manager starting next Monday – huge domain to wrap my mind around looking forward to it! After the first three days on the job I have to head to NYC to record Goruco 2008 as part of Confreaks. Hope to see some of […]

RailsConf 2008

I posted this badge a few days before I accepted a Job offer at YELLOWPAGES.COM which ultimately lead to me being in SLC packing to move to LA instead of attending RailsConf 2008, but I’ll be there next year. -Coby (6/22/08)

MWRC 2008

Ok Mountain West Ruby Conference was last weekend. Why am I writing about it now? Well I just started the transcoding of the lightning talks, the last piece of the conference. So by sometime tomorrow the entire two day conference should be up on the internet. We did a rush job Friday night(last week) after […]

Quote – Heinlein

“In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.” — Robert Heinlein

Something to ponder…

“We can deny everything, except that we have the possibility of being better. Simply reflect on that.” -h.h. the 14th dalai lama