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MWRC 2008

Ok Mountain West Ruby Conference was last weekend. Why am I writing about it now? Well I just started the transcoding of the lightning talks, the last piece of the conference voice recorder herunterladen. So by sometime tomorrow the entire two day conference should be up on the internet.

We did a rush job Friday night(last week) after the conference, until 3:00 AM Carl and I worked on the scripts with new support for multiple sponsors and we were able to get the keynote presentations by Evan and Ezra posted, so they have been online for a week sims 3 erweiterungen kostenlosen vollversion. We got everything else from Friday’s presentations up on the net earlier this week, except the lightning talks.

It was a great conference, I really enjoyed Patrick Farley’s presentation on Ruby Internals wie kann ich firefox herunterladen. It was great to see the same implementation in C from MRI, and then in Java from JRuby, and then in Ruby from Rubinius.

The videos are on-line at pokemon sun for free.

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