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YPC Home Page redesign launched to test audiences

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After an all too long development cycle, we have successfully launched a new redesign for our home page, not just a redesign but four of them.  All being tested by randomly assigned samples hitting our site.  It’s been a lot of work getting an AB like testing infrastructure and reporting system in place, all in all I think it faired well.  Now we’ll collect data so we can launch the new page redesign that actually supports the improvements we are looking for in user behavior, and not just the one we THINK will do it music to my phone for free.

If you’re interested hit YELLOWPAGES.COM, you have a one in 49 chance every time you hit the refresh button of getting a new variation on the home page.  Once you have a new variation you will be cookied and you’ll continue to get that page.  However we are only collecting users for a limited time.  (And no I don’t think me announcing this here will skew our numbers in any statistically significant way, if I did I wouldn’t post, but my blog has a fairly low readership level.)

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