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Airline alphabet soup.  Translates to Los Angeles to Detroit to Amsterdam to Oslo.

Headed overseas to record the second annual Smidig conference.

I wanted to stick a photo of LAX in here, but it turns out the USB cable I use to transfer photos got stuck in a bag that I put in my checked-in suitcase… So photos will have to wait until I get to Norway.

It’s 77 degrees here in LA now, supposed to hit a high of 92, in Oslo it is 50 degrees with a high of 52.  Oslo is also 9 hours ahead of LA, so I’ll be landing arriving there Wednesday at 2:30 PM, which is the equivalent of 5:30 AM here.  Yes I am practicing my math for you, are you impressed?

I’m really liking my AT&T data card (company issue) it is a fantastic convenience at times like these.

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