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Monthly Archives: November 2008

sqlite3-ruby on windows

So I’m working along this morning toping and tailing videos from rubyconf2008.  I am also working on a new app for the confreaks web-site, that will allow more dynamic access to all of our recorded presentations.  My post production work on our videos uses AVISynth which runs on Windows, so I’m stuck in Windows XP […]

AT&T Interactive – Beta Labs

It’s official (or will be within the next 24 hours). is being launched. In its initial incantation it will include applications to show off our new search widget, single search box, and predictive locality. This is an instance of our new JS search widget: Popular Categories at YellowPages.comRestaurantsMovie TheatersHotelsApartmentsDentistsNight ClubsReal Estate AgentsPet StoresGrocery StoresBars […]

Twitter Mashups

During the lightening talks tonight at #prorubyconf08, someone did a presentation on some mashups they have done for twitter. Check them out at: (for something interesting put guykawasaki in to see his cost) and Twistr is Twitter + flickr creates things like this and lets you vote on them: Twistr. Twitter + Flickr […]

RubyConf 2008 – Day 1

Well after about 8 hours of work yesterday we got everything up and running. This morning we had Matz’s Keymote – Reasons for Ruby, then in room one I’ve watched Greg Pollack’s presentation on scaling ruby, and am now watching Using Git in Ruby Applications by Scott Chacon. Interesting git for everything. Trying to get […]

Playing with technology…

Experimenting with using my ipod touch as a one handed keyboard for my mac book pro – not too bad , slow because i can not touch type on the ipod, but with a little practice it could be effective. Of course punctuation and symbols are really difficult to use but the overall typing isn’t […]

RubyConf 2008!

Jamming to get my stuff packed and organized so I can jump on a plan to Orlando in the morning. Hard to believe this is my 3rd RubyConf. Good things are in the wind… Hopefully more soon from the east coast, videos will be recorded, processed and posted to Confreaks as quickly as we can.

svn, commit hooks, and windows server 2003

Arg… this is one of those posts that hopefully will save someone some pain in the future, I just spent the last 30 minutes beating my head against a wall. I’m working on a windows 2003 server which uses VisualSVN as the management piece to the SVN repository.  So I wanted to add a post-commit […]