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sqlite3-ruby on windows

So I’m working along this morning toping and tailing videos from rubyconf2008.  I am also working on a new app for the confreaks web-site, that will allow more dynamic access to all of our recorded presentations.  My post production work on our videos uses AVISynth which runs on Windows, so I’m stuck in Windows XP while doing the work.

Normally I’d just hook up my MBP and use synergy to share the keyboard and mouse, but right now I have my MBP doing other things…  So I checked out the latest version of my app to the windows box and went to run the migrations.  FAIL

No sqlite3 file… I guess I haven’t done any development on this box in a very long time.  So I run a

gem update –system

It eventually complets, and then I do a

gem install sqlite3-ruby

This ultimately results in an error message about not having nmake installed.

So figuring there was not a native version for windows yet, I ran the following command:

gem list –remote –all sqlite

To get a list of all gems starting with sqlite, found the sqlite3-ruby gem and installed the prior version, to see if it was already available for windows.

gem install sqlite3-ruby -v=1.2.3

And that did the trick.

Net result I’m back up and running my app on the windows machine, making changes and finshing videos.

The rubyconf2008 videos should be available on Tuesday (11/25/08), follow ‘confreaks’ on twitter for the latest news.

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