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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Tweets for 2009-02-14

itunes aktuelle version herunterladen oh unix time – I had a great 1234567890 – was eating some yummy mocha pastry from Porto’s # @jbarnette Monday will be pretty light – I’ll send email shortly with ios. # Just got solr and lucene up and running locally – figured it was time to get a better […]

V-Day Reflections

apps panasonic tv It’s valentine’s day…  So since I’m no where near any of my children, but I had opened up my Facebook account, only to see that my middle singleton had become a fan of Roller Coasters.  So I commented on that she should come to California so we could go to Magic Mountain.  […]

Crystal Clear Distilled (Revisiting)

‘’(Extract from ‘’Crystal Clear: A Human-Powered Methodology for Small Teams‘’) Alistair Cockburn, 2004 ‘’ ‘’At the end, it is time to roll it all back up again: What is the core of Crystal Clear, and what are the add-on practices that get the team farther into the safety zone super mario 64 kostenlos herunterladen? This […]


I should be in Orlando Florida right now, helping record acts_as_conference rammstein angel free. ATTi is a Platinum sponsor for this conference and one of my Sr. Engineers, Lori Holden will be presenting on ActiveORM, part of the merb + rails => Rails 3 project herunterladen. Instead I spent the day doing an internal web-cast […]


schulzeugnis vorlagen kostenlos downloaden Digging around the ACM site, I have had a membership for several years, and utilized it on and off, just got the latest issue of Communications of the ACM playstation update 6.20 herunterladen. “Parallel Programming with Transactional Memory” – great article, unfortunately I can’t link to it, and you can’t […]


herunterladen “It is certain that every organization has too many meetings, and far too many poorly designed ones. The main reason we don’t make meetings more productive is that we don’t value our time properly tkkg spiele downloaden vollversion. The people who call meetings and those who attend them are not thinking about time as […]

Playing with Widgets

kan je films downloaden van netflix It seems that the folks over at have been creating some interesting micro-sites or widgets for some of there clients as of late huawei sms herunterladen. Check out this one: A nice job at putting these together herunterladen.