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I should be in Orlando Florida right now, helping record acts_as_conference.

ATTi is a Platinum sponsor for this conference and one of my Sr. Engineers, Lori Holden will be presenting on ActiveORM, part of the merb + rails => Rails 3 project.

Instead I spent the day doing an internal web-cast of our (ATTi) all hands meeting.  Using technology and skills I primarily aquired while building out Confreaks.

Carl Youngblood my partner and Brad Midgley our as needed hired hand are actively working in Florida to post process what was recorded today and to prepare for tomorrow.  I regret that I was unable to be there, but we (that’s the corporate we again) had a major system upgrade scheduled for this weekend that I could not skip out on.  As it turns out we had to push the release off a little in order to keep certain partner agreements.  Regardless we have work to do this weekend to get things wrapped up for the full launch of this system upgrade in a couple of weeks.  So I appreciate my business partner and the effort he has put in to improving our systems and processes to make the AAC recording go smoothly.

Which leaves me sitting here, reading emails, my most recent copy of Communications of the ACM, and general playing around on the interwebs…  Just installed the Tweeter-Tools plugin for WordPress.

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