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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

Posted by CobyR on July 25th, 2010

I'm now the Duke of Surfrider Oceanfront Resort & Restaurant on #Yelp! # I checked in at Voodoo Doughnut Too (1501 NE Davis St) on #Yelp # @vborja not sure if I responded to your tweet or not, yes olabini's talk will be posted follow @confreaks for announcements, #emerginglangs in reply to vborja […]

Heading down the Oregon Coast

Posted by CobyR on July 23rd, 2010

After Emerging Languages camp, I consolidated all of the audio, video, and slide capture data to a single source, and then enjoyed dinner and got a good nights sleep. This morning after fighting some fires with engineering vs. operations issues, my wife and I are off down the coast.  At the moment I’m sitting at […]

Day 2 – Emerging Languages Camp – OSCON 2010

Posted by CobyR on July 22nd, 2010

Back at Emerging Languages Camp for day 2, the presentations got off to a great start: Matt MacLauren presented on Kodu a visual programming language designed to allow children to learn critical thinking.  The language exposes a 3d graphical user interface that allows characters to interact and respond to emotions and the environment. Rich Hickey […]

Day 1 – Emerging Languages Camp – OSCON 2010

Posted by CobyR on July 21st, 2010

The Emerging Languages Camp got started today at OSCON 2010.  The focus of the camp is on cross pollination of language developers, it was created as a forum to allow language designers and implementers to interact with and borrow from one another. Today’s presentations before lunch included: Rob Pike from Google presenting on Go and […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

Posted by CobyR on July 18th, 2010 – It's official: Software will be unpatentable in NZ # @imf trying to get ahold of you. Left you a voice mail with phone number at the office. # @veganstraightedge 9 minutes? ouch… in reply to veganstraightedge # Just walked 1/2 mile to the store only to realize I left my wallet on my […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

Posted by CobyR on July 11th, 2010

playing with geo-tweeter from @mwrc Lightning talks day 2. # @mads_the_kat Congratulations on your AP tests! in reply to mads_the_kat # OH: "It's hardened and our developers know it" # @auser Awesome Ari! go beehive in reply to auser # touch down in Atlanta, sounds like I missed a quake that was felt […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

Posted by CobyR on July 4th, 2010

please ignore this http://localhost:3000/test33 # Catching the last BART train to SFO for a quick nights sleep and a flight in the morning back to LAX. #