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Monthly Archives: June 2011

The first half has elapsed – 2011

Well the first half of 2011 has elapsed, or will do so shortly. What’s happened in the last six months? G5 My 90-day Warranty Expired. We added five engineers to the team. Released Mobile Lite and Mobile Premium versions of our product Developed an 18-month Product Forecast Ruby Community & Confreaks Ran the 3rd annual […]

Neighbors for Kids & Toyota – 100 Cars for Good

TL;DR -> Neighbors for Kids (Depoe Bay, OR) has a chance – today only – to win a Toyota vehicle – YOU need to vote to help make it happen. My daughter and grandsons asked if I could help use my social network/media knowledge to help make this happen, so here is the details. […]

High School Graduation #2

Well I’m 50% of the way there. Tomorrow my two oldest twins graduate from high school! That makes three down, three to go. Congratulations Carley and Madi, very proud of you, hope to see you tonight! Lots of years and work, will have to put together a summary video/slide show at some point.