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Madison Ruby Conference 2011

It was a great conference @madisonruby, and I’ve been to a lot of them…  Although I haven’t entirely decided if it was an awesome conference in it’s own right, or if I just had an awesome time gangstar rio for free. Don’t get me wrong Jim and Jen and their staff did an incredible job, and it was a very well, and very innovative conference.  So my previous statement was motivated by the fact that this is one of the first events where I was really able to take the time and hang out and socialize after the conference, and that made a big impact on me fifa demo downloaden.  In all seriousness it was an awesome event in it’s own right!

The recording gear I’m using now is simpler to setup and tear down and takes less space to hall, after doing this for almost five years and the last two on my own I’ve started to figure out how to relax kartenmaterial kostenlos downloaden.  Of course it has taken a lot of refinements over the past two years to simplify and adjust to all the equipment changes involved when I went from SD to HD türkische tastatur herunterladen.

Off the top of my head the things that were really awesome about MadisonRuby:

  • Local artisans / entrepreneurs presenting on their passion
  • Contentious panels with a great moderator (@stevenbristol)
  • Sexy Yoga (@l4rk)
  • Overflow room with video of main hall (yes larger conferences have this, but I had not seen it at a regional ruby event)
  • 5k Run and related 5k Drink Run (alright it was a walk, but there was a good 40 yards or so of sprinting)
  • @jremsikjr / @jenremsik as organizers
  • … time to socialize and hang out with many of the folks that I’d only met briefly in the past
  • … oh yes there were numerous great presentations

If you get the chance put it on your schedule, I can only see this conference (like the state’s cheese) getting better with time triominos herunterladen!

So glad I had the opportunity to participate.

If you’re asking where are the videos, please follow @confreaks on twitter for details inshot herunterladen.  The recording was done in conjunction with Less Films and post production is being done by them as well nintendo ds roms deutsch kostenlos downloaden.

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