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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Axial Wraith – things break :(

herunterladen I’ve managed to break a few things in the last few days on my Wraith. Today it was the driver’s side c-hub. Earlier in the week I managed to snap a drive line: I had an extra driveshaft that came with the car, so I swapped that in herunterladen.  Haven’t decided on what I’ll […]

Axial Wraith – Update

free wallpapers I haven’t written on my blog about my Wraith since I got it.  One reason is I’m having too much fun wrenching, driving, and fabricating for it telegram on pc.  The other reason… I’ve been updating my build thread on instead. So if you’re interested you can follow that at: ps4 […]

RC Updates

noten schreiben programm kostenlos downloaden So I received my REM anonadonized aluminum parts for the bandit and have gotten just about everything installed.  Currently not using the rear A-arms because I couldn’t find the toe coupler that was the right length herunterladen.  I believe I’ve fixed that problem, just havn’t taken the time to tear […]