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Moving on…

Yesterday was my last day as VP of Engineering for G5, I was able to transition the team over to my new Director of Engineering, Brian Ricker, who started in January metro exodus. I spent 16 months at G5 building up a team, and then having a chunk of it scatter to the winds. It was a very good experience in both management and self discovery herunterladen.

For the moment I am currently “unemployed”. It’s a short moment, and it’s not really accurate, in addition to my full-time work I also have significant involvement with the following companies:

  • Confreaks, LLC – Founder, Principal – Conference recording services
  • TechConf, LLC – Founder, Partner – Organizers of the Los Angeles Ruby Conference, and with any luck another conference latter this year, watch for an announcement apps downloaden op ipad 2.
  • NW Ruby, Inc – Founder, Director – Organizers of Ruby on Ales

So March is still going to be a busy month, on the 1st and 2nd is our 2nd annual Ruby on Ales conference in Bend, Oregon desktop uhr herunterladen.  March 14th and 15th I’ll be in Salt Lake City, Utah recording Mountain West Ruby Conference, and at the end of the month Kelli and I are headed to New York City for some vacation time and to go to Oprah’s recording of her “Life Class” with Depak Chapra kostenlose wolf spiele zum herunterladen.

In the mean time I’m finishing up the courting process with AT&T and should be joining a group there in the near future, more on that as we get it solidified raft deutsch herunterladen.

Looking forward to 2012 (although we are 1/5 the way through it) is going to be an incredible year.  O’Reilly dropped out of the RailsConf organization, so Confreaks will be working with Ruby Central in April to record RailsConf for first time audible files.  In May we’ll be returning to Los Angeles for @veganstraightedge’s second run of FarmHouse Conf.  I have three outstanding proposals for conferences in June, and if they come through I’ll be bringing someone on full-time to run the operational aspects of Confreaks action pack meine software downloaden.  July is clean, August will start up with Cascadia Ruby Conference in Seattle followed by Madison Ruby Conference in Wisconson, that’s about as far out as I have clear vision on desktop clock for free.  With the exception of Ruby Conference in October.

At TechConf, LLC we are investigating doing another conference in November, but the details are still being worked out ssl zertifikat herunterladen strato.

I’ve also started and am toying with ideas on how to make my RC hobby fund itself.  I’ve started a youtube channel for Rapid Rhino RC and am playing with some other ideas as well.

My flight is going to be boarding soon, headed to Seattle for the 10th Anniversary party of Seattle.rb, a group I’ve been fortunate enough to have some ties and involvement with for the last three years or so.

For those I worked with at G5 it’s been a good experience, and I look forward to continuing to work with many of you in different roles and projects over time.

On the family front my fourth daughter will be graduating from High School this spring, meaning four girls in college in the fall.  It’s extremely fun to see each of my daughters continue to grow and develop.  My grandsons are getting older, if you’ve watched my youtube channel you’ve seen a few of them pop up in videos here and there, it has been fantastic living in Oregon and being just 3 or 4 hours away from them.

Now I’m out of time, thanks for reading, and good luck with the balance of 2012.