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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Ruby/Rails Conferences I know of between now and EOY

So between now and the end of the year this is the list of conferences that I’m relatively sure are happening.  If I missed any please let me know. 06/23 – 06/23 (Sat): Gotham Ruby Conference (New York, NY) 06/29 – 06/30 (Fri-Sat): Scottish Ruby Conference (Edinburgh, Scotland) 08/03 – 08/04 (Fri-Sat): Cascadia […]

Two spaces after a period is wrong ?

So today i just unlearned something – or learned the reason I have been doing something for ever that is no longer appropriate. When typing there should only be a single space after a period. Really? A single space? Even as I’m typing this my right thumb automatically double spaces after a punctuation mark. This […]