June 1, 2013

My parents arrived at RDM yesterday I picked them up about noon, returned home, finished out the workday with my team.

Today I’ve booked a Volvo S80 or similar car for the 4th to the 14th, picking it up at the Arlanda airport near Stockholm.  I also booked our hotel (my father and I are making the trip).  We’ll be staying at the Mercure Hotel Stockholm South for Tuesday and Wednesday night.

We’ll be meeting up with Madeleine Randquist to explore Stockholm.

June 6 is the national holiday for Sweden so it should be interesting to observe the celebrations.

Looking forward to the trip.  We depart on Monday June 3 about 11:45 am, fly from RDM to SEA to AMS to ARN.  The SEA to AMS flight is about 9 hours and 50 minutes.

I’m still debating on whether I should take one or two laptops.  Just my MBP 13r or also take my MBP 17.  The 17″ is self contained (more internal storage), but only lasts about 2 to 3 hours on battery power.  My MBP13 only has 128gb flash, but will run for 6+ hours on battery.  I do have a thunderbolt 1TB external for it configured with my stuff.

I’m also taking my iPad mini, and my iPhone 4s, will be turning off data on the iPhone and picking up a prepaid SIM card for the iPad.

For photography gear I’m taking my Sony Alpha 58 with a 55-300 lens, the stock lens, and a telephoto lens.

So this is probably it for the day, but I’m going to maintain a daily log of our adventures as we go.


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