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Sweden Adventure Day # -1

June 2, 2013 2:41 PM Pacific Time

Another fairly relaxed day.  Dad has been doing genealogical research on Kelli’s family line.  I’ve started to pack up my backpack with all of my electronics and photo/video gear.  Pictures to follow latter today, once everything is packed and ready to go.  We made a trip out to Best Buy to pick up a few missing cables  and a power converter so for Dad’s CPap machine as well as making sure I had the right electrical adapters for my laptop.

I have a power european power strip from the last time I was in Oslo, Norway for Confreaks and am taking that, because hotel rooms never have enough outlets.

We are getting ready to grill hotdogs and veggies here, I’ll update with more photos latter.

If you are wondering why I’m putting this on my blog instead of Facebook, the reason is simple.  Here I control the data, and the backups and know that I have a copy of it, and that it won’t disappear into the vastness of Facebook’s data centers 🙂



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