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Sweden Adventure Day #0

June 3, 2013

Today started a bit early, got up finished packing clothes, make final gear decisions, get that packed up.

Went and had breakfast with my Dad at Jake’s Diner in Bend – they have an awesome Country Biscuit breakfast, then we headed back to the house herunterladen.  Bend Cab company showed up 10 minutes early at 9:50 and we put our luggage in the cab and headed off.

Got out to RDM, you’ve seen a couple pictures on FB from their and we caught our flight to SEA font avenir download.  Got in about 1:00 PM, been here for the last four hours or so.  Spent a bit of time on the phone / LogMe In with Cindy making sure the livestream is configured properly for Goruco in New York nero kostenlos herunterladen deutsch.  She’ll be recording and live streaming that event on Saturday June 8, while I’m galavanting around Sweden.

We had lunch at Anthony’s at SEA – Dungenous Crab Toast and a caesar salad, it was good, compared to my last experience at Anthony’s in Bend herunterladen.

So we are preparing to board the flight from SEA to AMS about a 9 hour and 50 minutes flight, I think we land in Amsterdam about 1:00 PM local time on June 4 why i can't download netflix series.  Then a 90 minute layover and a 2 hour flight to ARN.

Madeleine Randquist is going to meet us at ARN and we’ll grab the rental car and head in to Stockholm proper herunterladen.  Get checked into our hotel and then have dinner with Madeleine.  So next post will be sometime tomorrow evening.

Here’s to an uneventful flight apple tv app op samsung tv!


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