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Sweden Adventure Day #5

June 8, 2013

Note: These are notes – I will update this post with pictures and more writing after the trip.

8ish get up, awesome getting so much sleep – feel wonderful veoh video herunterladen!

drive back through Toreboda to Fägre check out the grave yard across from Fägre Kyrka

turn on video camera – so I can do a time lapse video of the drive through Randstop, random exploring on dirt roads beyond Randstorp up and across Göta Kanal and back out to the main road then down through Vassbacken then on to Moholm, then Varing then Skövde and down around the tip of the lake through Jönköping and back up to Linköping website icon herunterladen.

On the drive between Jönköping and Linköping Cindy called from NYC, we walked through troubleshooting an issue with Wirecast and the Matrox MX02 Mini that we use for live slide streaming, and were able to get things working + she is recording and live streaming GoRuCo today… or as of this time, she should be in the last few hours anyway…

During the drive for some reason I turned off the iPad, doh… SIM is locked, I threw away the PIN code with the trash when we left Stockholm (face palm), so we went by a Telia store, waited for 40 minutes and the queue had only gone from 32 to 36 and I was holding number 42, and they closed at 2 PM, we got there at 12:40, I decided I could do without the internet and was not going to waste another hour in Sweden sitting in a tele-comm store die sims 3 herunterladen.

So we left Telia, stopped by a Willy:S grocery store and picked up some ice and a few other supplies, then we headed over to the Linköping De Kyrka, it’s amazing the way some of these churches have been built up over time programm video herunterladen kostenlos.  Dad had a great time talking a gentleman at the church (photo) but discovered he was having a hard time finding words to carry on a regular conversation in swedish wetter online kostenlos downloaden.  impressed by how much he does know, and everyone (randquists and this man) have complimented him on his swedish abilities.

Left the church found Hotell Stanga with GPS, since no internet 🙁

checked in, plugged in everything since I failed to do so last night in Mariestead, luckily not fully charging everything didn’t bite me today studienbescheinigung herunterladen uni bielefeld.

after 90 minutes at the hotel plugging in and trying to figure out why my MBP wouldn’t connect to the third hotel wifi … I finally punted and we went to McDonald’s for dinner… yea I know why would you go to McDonalds apple music album herunterladen?  Well we wanted to see what prices were like in comparison to the US and how the menu differed, other than the language menu felt pretty much the sam zapfino schrift kostenlos downloaden.  Although a double cheese burger was 20 sek, this is the same double cheeseburger I get in Bend for $1.29.  As I right this the conversion from SEK to USD is: 1 SEK  = .15 USD, so that double cheeseburger cost me $3.03, ouch herunterladen!  granted 12.5% of that is effectively a tax, but still more expensive.

Ok after dinner back to the hotel, we’ll be getting up tomorrow and looking for the place dad lived in here in Linköping for 11 1/2 months of his mission 50 years ago privates facebook video downloaden.  Then checking out Gamla Linköping or the old village portion of town and then heading further east so that we can start exploring the island of Öland probably on Monday.

Store hours are well posted here, every business has a sign (BIG) that states the hours öppet Mån-Tor 9 – 22 means open Mon-Thu 9 AM to 10 PM, Fre 9-24, Lör 10-24, Sön 10-14, or Fri 9 to Midnight, Saturday 10 to Midnight and Sunday 10 to 2 PM.

anyway… it is after 11:00 PM, I turned on a video camera aimed out the window at 9:00 PM, going to leave it running all night, so I can do a time lapse of just how light/dark it gets during the night.  Anyway I’m off for now.


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