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Technology yet again…

Driving up Söderköpingsvägen on the way from Öland to Stockholm.  Just got my laptop out, plugged it into my iPad that is using a prepaid Telia SIM card and I’m on the internet with my laptop in the car star wars spiele downloaden.  Not a big deal today, I’ve done similar posts from 30,000 feet in the air on flights so it’s not new, but that doesn’t make stopping and appreciating it for a moment a bad thing word 2016 gratis herunterladen.  In 1988 I sat in a passenger seat of a Chevrolet Celebrity while heading to my Mother’s family ranch in Enoch Valley, Idaho, making a similar notation in a journal on a Toshiba 1200HD laptop, so amazed at the technology then, still amazed today, and totally loving the freedom it gives us schriftarten für openoffice kostenlos downloaden.

Nothing like driving around a country side with a map that shows you exactly where you are and satellite photos of the areas you are in or headed to hp scansoftware downloaden.  Nothing like looking at the images and deciding that this road looks like it gets really tiny, but does eventually reconnect, let’s take it and see 🙂  At the end of that road we did have to open a farmers gate and drive through a small part of his drive way to get back onto the main road, but it was great fun, and saw some parts of the island that your typical tourist won’t see sims 4 häuser downloaden ps4.

Now I’m going to stop this post and go work on OSOA web-site so we can launch OpenStack on Ales next week!

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