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Time flys

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My month so far:

  • 1 – 2 – Parents visiting, getting ready for trip to Sweden
  • 3 – 14 – travel to and tour Sweden
  • 15 – 16 – travel to Lincoln City for Amber’s college graduation and celebration
  • 17 – first day back at work and get my parents to airport to head home
  • 18 – sick 🙁
  • 19 – work – catching up
  • 20 – work – one of my oldest twins and two friends arrived just before midnight
  • 21 – work – other twin and another friend arrive
  • 22 – morning with visitors, return 3 friends to airport (standby travel does have negatives)
  • 23 – return Carley to airport 6AM hang out with last Madi aka Cat
  • 24 – return Cat to airport, work

So now that we are back to just Kelli and I in the house I’m going to try and get the blog posts from Sweden done up this week, and start my first real costume project, repair a few RC cards; amazing what five 20 somethings can do in an hour to a fleet of RC vehicles :), and generally get back into the flow of things null's brawl stars herunterladen.

And this week we are going to official launch OpenStack on Ales.  More on that soon.

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