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Dell Ultrasharp Monitor Lock Out – U2711

dell_u2711_1-300x244 (1)dell_u2711_1-300x244 (1)

I’ve had a pair of the Dell U2711’s now for almost nine months, tonight I went to switch from DVI to the Display port on one of them (Switching from my PC back to my Mac), and when I pressed the OSD Menu button I got a purple lock symbol on the screen…. WTF?

After some searching I found this helpful post thanks to google.

So the solution is to press and hold the two keys directly above the power button for 15 seconds… and it didn’t work.  Really?  There is one gotcha… you have to have a signal hooked up to the current display mode in order for the unlock action to function correctly.

Yup, once I put the DVI signal back to the monitor and then held the two buttons directly above the power down for 15 seconds I got the magic unlock symbol and my monitor was back in action.

Thought I’d put that cavet on the internet.  That way if someone else has this problem, perhaps they’ll land here and discover what I did thru trial and error.


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