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Musings of a father

So it’s Saturday morning, I’m headed to AUS from my hotel after recording Keep Ruby Weird in Austin, Texas yesterday.  Russ Olsen’s story about our efforts to land on the moon is one of the best presentations I have seen at a software development conference your tax return online.  I’d link to the video, but for now it’s just raw footage on my laptop.

Today I’m headed to Salt Lake City, birth place of all six of my biological daughters anhang herunterladen outlook.  Two mothers, six daughters, four pregnancies.  It is today that my second singleton is getting married.  Following her convictions and belief that this young man is her partner for life and the here after free beats download.  So this is the second of my six to get married.  I don’t think I wrote about when my eldest Wendy got married in February of 2013.  Emily is the second to get married but the fourth in the sibling chain macbook pdf herunterladen.  Is it significant that both my singleton’s are the first to wed?

As for me, well I’ve been down this path personally on three separate occasions, marriage or any relationship for that matter is a messy affair google chrome 64 bit downloaden.


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