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N-Scale trains and revisiting history

Model Railroads

The Past

When I was growing up my brother and I had a classic HO model train on a 4×8 sheet of plywood.  The layout was suspended from the ceiling in our laundry room, and we had to lower it to use it and work on it and then raise it when we were done so the laundry room could be used for it’s original purpose minecraft kostenlos spielen pc.

Today some 30+ years latter I’ve started to revisit model railroading.  But before we start down the what am I up to now path, I want to jot a few notes about what I remember from my HO set vlc player kostenlos download windows 7.

I had a Burlington Northern locomotive (still need to get the proper terms for it) done in the green and white paint scheme.  My brother had a Union Pacific flat nose locomotive.  I remember the following models:

  • Chevron station, that I could never manage to glow the windows into without getting glue all over them herunterladen.
  • A coal tiple
  • A set of three homes under construction
  • Tower lights for a yard (similar to the four light version here)
  • A cattle stock car, and a loading dock with little cows
  • a box car with the Spirit of ’76 paint scheme

I have no idea what happened to the original train sets… lost to time hotel gigant 3 kostenlosen.

I think that computers came along and stole all of my energy and passion for trains, which ultimately resulted in my entire career so I can’t actually complain alle bilder einer webseiteen.

The Present

Now thanks to that career I find my self owning a home on the Oregon coast with a large attic, and I’ve decided that the best thing I can do with it, is to turn it into my very own railway download the google play app.

As I started researching, my first inclination was to do Burlington Northern in the mid 50’s.  After doing some initial research I realized that combination wasn’t actually possible because Burlington Northern (at least under that name) didn’t start operations until 1970.  So then I started researching it’s predecessors and arrived at the Great Northern Railroad, but at the same time I discovered a coal hopper and caboose done up in a bicentennial color scheme from the Carbon County Railway.  Having spent the majority of my formative years growing up in Price, I started researching more in this area jar datei herunterladen.

So as it turns out I’m setting my focus on summer/fall of ’76 with the Helper rail yard as the central location on my layout.  It will include some portion of Price, the Carbon Country Railway yard at Columbia, the Sunnyside mine coal load out facility on down to the Crescent Junction which hosts the branch to Cane Creek / Moab area and then into staging before hitting Green River icon kostenlos herunterladen.

Going the other direction out of helper, you’ll get a small part of Helper, Castle Gate coal, and on up to Soldier Summit and then off into staging, well before reaching the yard at Provo.  This will be a round the room setup with one island to support the Cane Creek branch, but I’ll post more on that as I start to figure out layout and design and how I’m going to finish the attic space shpock kostenlos herunterladen.


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