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Random digging…

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Tonight I attempted to get a one-click install app on Dreamhost running again. To be specific this is an installation of Gallery 2 written in PHP that sometime in 2007-2011 time period was a a great offering windows 7 kostenlos 32 bit vollversion.

It has been broken for some time. My access to Dreamhost over the last several years has primarily involved digging up my credentials logging in and changing the expiration data and CCV on my billing card to keep the account alive for the ancient things that run there… like this blog, and the old photo gallery, before Amazon Photos, and before Flickr was on my radar, and whatever other latest sites the cool kids use for photo management (I still haven’t found a system I like…)

Anyway digging into an app that I configured more than a decade ago on a hosting provider that I haven’t used much in almost that long has proven interesting, it also lead down the rabbits hole of looking at old blog posts ich einfach unverbesserlich 3 ganzer film deutsch kostenlos downloaden.

Attempting to run Linux and MIPS and Sparc hardware for fun?

Anyway back to trying to figure out Gallery’s db connection issues, if I can’t get it working shortly though, I’ll leave it and come back maybe tomorrow, maybe six months from now…

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