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It is March 130th in year 2020… It’s been a long strange time to be alive.

Some amazingly positive personal events have occured:

  • May 2, 2020 – I asked Kimberly to marry me, details and date to be determined herunterladen.
  • We are nearing completion of the remodel on the Mermaid Cottage (Kim’s house) after I nearly burned it down in February of 2020.

On a public level some amazingly poor examples of humanity have continued to express them self more and more under our fascist in chief Download the file to ipad. Social dissonance is at an all time high and may actually result in real change, which is positive. The level that the populace has had to go to in order to generate this change though is bordering on the edge of insanity youtube converter virus-free.

In the future the term 2020’d will refer to the absolutely unimaginable state of being screwed over in new and unusual and compound ways herunterladen.

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