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Aspca Foster Agreement

The ASPCA provides all nurses with the food, equipment and supplies they need to care for their animals, while we cover all medical expenses for the animal. All you need is your home, time, attention and love for your pets! Volunteers provide temporary care in their homes until the animals are ready to adopt. The length of stay in a nursing home can vary from two weeks to two months. More than 1,400 animals are cared for each year; Spending time in a loving domestic environment prepares them to succeed in their future adoptive homes. Dog keepers must be able to offer a place to the adoptive dog in the house. All your own pets must be neutered or neutered through their vaccines and be up to date. In addition, nurses must stay in the NYC area in order to easily travel to Manhattan with their host animals and, if necessary, from our Sorg/A adoption center in Manhattan. If you are not at NEWC, please visit our “Search in an Animal Shelter” page to find care near you. Recognize your limitations. Promotion takes a lot of time and energy, emotionally and physically. Don`t overtake by favouring animals too often, or you can burn yourself.

People who have applied and have not been equal to an animal are on our contact list in case new animals can be cared for. In the meantime, if you want to support the care of our pets, donations of money are appreciated and can be made online here. If you are 19 years of age or older, you can consult the care options and apply as a caregiver. Learn more about our program, download care for BC SPCA (PDF) and watch the video below. Use this care recruitment leaflet as an inspiration to create your own and promote your community to save lives. Due to the strong support of our community, requests for assistance are currently closed. We thank everyone for your generosity and availability! Guides for cat and dog care homes are available in Word, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs. Understand that some animal caregivers will not survive. Many of the animals that come to the pound come from unknown backgrounds. Despite the best efforts, the animal you care for can develop a serious disease that cannot be treated. Do what you can best to help the animal, but accept the fact that you can`t save them all. If you have to say goodbye, remember that you gave them love and comfort while they were in your care, and they were much happier with you than they would have been in the pound.