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Single Outcome Agreement

Following workshops held in 2012 with municipalities, local planning partners, equality groups and joint workshops, a draft single outcome agreement was drawn up in April 2013 and submitted to the Scottish Government in April 2013, and a final version was adopted following a consultation phase between partners, Council members and Community members. The Edinburgh SOA was built through a detailed process of discussion, engagement and analysis that the “family” of the Edinburgh partnership has advanced on behalf of the city`s community partners, with the aim of finally achieving the desired results for the people of Edinburgh. The single outcome agreement for 2013-2023 defines the local results for each of the fifteen national results agreed in the concorda. The 15 national outcomes are defined in a local context and key challenges, agreed local priorities, measures, indicators and objectives are described. This key document is the result of extensive community consultation and discussions with our community partners. The Stirling Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) brought together partners from the Stirling planning community to accept a vision of the Stirling area that would change the lives of their citizens and communities. The SOA has identified strategic priorities to be implemented to achieve this vision. These priorities have been expressed as outcomes to be provided by partners, whether individually or collectively. These local results have also contributed to the Scottish Government`s national results. In 2009, the Local Planning Partnership formalized a second version of the agreement confirming the 24 local results planned for the city through 2010/2011. Each year, the Council reports on progress in the results of the unit result agreement. Achieving our objectives will be a challenge in the current period due to the limitation of public sector spending.

It is recognized that new ways of thinking are needed for all partnerships in order to achieve better results, both for residents and for service providers. Implementation Plan This plan outlines how partners will work together to achieve results on the priorities of the Single Outcome Agreement. Here you will find the draft city-wide implementation plan. [394kb] This single outcome agreement between the Scottish Government and the Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership 2013 -2023 sets out priorities that will focus the best outcomes for the people of the Outer Hebrides.