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Validity Of Agreement Of Sale And General Power Of Attorney

I bought land in Hyderabad in 1999 by a deed of sale by a registered GPA, with all the powers of transactions. Not long ago, the Grantor`s door expired. Now I would like to buy another lot from the same GPA in the same land. I would like the following clarifications. a) Please inform me that the powers of the GPA are intact after the sinking of the fellow. These terms are good for everyone, we are all aware of its use in the sales process. Since there can be no sale by execution of a power of attorney, there can be no transfer by execution of a sales contract and a mandate and a will. A sales statement is usually designed as an extension of a sales agreement and GPA. This is preferably the best way for buyers to carefully inspect the sale property. But there are many mystifications and misunderstandings about the validity or bad effect of these terms. The purpose of the reRA order was to protect the interests of buyers and to create transparency in the sale/purchase of real estate.

Due to the huge generation of dirty money in the real estate sector and many cases where builders have deceived real estate buyers, the abandonment of RERA has been an essential step. RERA has improved transparency and accountability in real estate and residential transactions. It has stimulated domestic and foreign investment in the real estate sector and strengthened and protected the right of homebuyers. There is an authority that indicates that the content of the recorded document is important and not the title of the document. If the title mentions it as an agreement, but the content reveals full consideration, the seller agrees by receiving the full consideration, stamp duty is paid in its entirety and the document is registered. What would then be the status of such a document, “an agreement or a sale”? The order states that “a power is not a transfer power in matters of law, title or interest in real estate,” the Supreme Court advised the municipal authorities not to register/transfer real estate on the basis of these documents. However, the Supreme Court ruled that the actual transactions carried out by the general authority were valid. (b) the performance of the sales contract or general power of attorney is not a transfer or transfer and that such a transaction cannot be considered a transfer or transport. Given the above legal provisions, the nature and scope of a power of attorney can be accomplished.

The agent is the servant of the client and a power of attorney does not create a right to immobility that an agent can enforce. All acts committed or claimed by an agent are considered acts and acts committed by the client himself. The power of attorney is not only revocable by its “irrevocable power” nomenclature. The power of attorney becomes irrevocable only if it is linked to interest, that is, to a counterparty. If a power of attorney is related to interest, as shown above, stamp duty would be equal to transportation. All other proxies are revocable. The myth that exists among people who do not know the law, that the agent of power becomes the owner of the property and that the client does not have the right to revoke the power or to act on his own, is totally false.