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Agile Manifesto and it’s counter part.

I love both of these sites and wanted to share: and it’s cousin the sad panda:  

Moving on…

Yesterday was my last day as VP of Engineering for G5, I was able to transition the team over to my new Director of Engineering, Brian Ricker, who started in January. I spent 16 months at G5 building up a team, and then having a chunk of it scatter to the winds. It was a […]

Madison Ruby Conference 2011

It was a great conference @madisonruby, and I’ve been to a lot of them…  Although I haven’t entirely decided if it was an awesome conference in it’s own right, or if I just had an awesome time. Don’t get me wrong Jim and Jen and their staff did an incredible job, and it was a […]

Google Chrome OS

We’ve all speculated that Google would build an Operating System, and take another shot at redefining the way we use computing technology. Last night they finally officially announced their intent, and also tagged some vague timelines to it. It’s definitely another reason to ensure your up to speed on HTML 5 and the latest web […]

Voices that Matter: Professional Ruby Conference

Join Me at the Professional Ruby Voices That Matter Conference in Boston November 17 – 20!  I will be giving a 30-minutes presentation called “The Many Facets of Ruby at YELLOWPAGES.COM”, in which I’ll detail a number of different ways that we utilize ruby at YELLOWPAGES.COM. Our consumer site was relaunched in June of 2007 […]

Lone Star Ruby Conference 2008

I spent the last two day’s in Austin, Texas at the Lone Star Ruby Conference.  It was a really great event, was able to meet “Matz” again, and have a short conversation about the future of ruby.  The humbleness of this man never ceases to amaze me. YELLOWPAGES.COM and PeepCode sponsored the video recording of […]


Well it is official… I join the YELLOWPAGES.COM team as a dev manager starting next Monday – huge domain to wrap my mind around looking forward to it! After the first three days on the job I have to head to NYC to record Goruco 2008 as part of Confreaks. Hope to see some of […]

MWRC 2008

Ok Mountain West Ruby Conference was last weekend. Why am I writing about it now? Well I just started the transcoding of the lightning talks, the last piece of the conference. So by sometime tomorrow the entire two day conference should be up on the internet. We did a rush job Friday night(last week) after […]

Cleaning up the .svn directories from OS X or Linux

Handy little command to quickly remove all those .svn subdirectories from a project. find . -type d -name .svn | xargs rm -rf another alternative find . -type d -name .svn’ -print0 | xargs -0 rm -rdf

Personal Brain 4.0

I’ve been using Personal Brain ( for a little over five years now. With this latest version they have finally released a client for OS X as well as for Linux. It is great to not have to use Parallels to access it. For a while I switched to Journlr under OS X, but I […]