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Two spaces after a period is wrong ?

So today i just unlearned something – or learned the reason I have been doing something for ever that is no longer appropriate. When typing there should only be a single space after a period. Really? A single space? Even as I’m typing this my right thumb automatically double spaces after a punctuation mark. This […]

Moving on…

Yesterday was my last day as VP of Engineering for G5, I was able to transition the team over to my new Director of Engineering, Brian Ricker, who started in January. I spent 16 months at G5 building up a team, and then having a chunk of it scatter to the winds. It was a […]

The first half has elapsed – 2011

Well the first half of 2011 has elapsed, or will do so shortly. What’s happened in the last six months? G5 My 90-day Warranty Expired. We added five engineers to the team. Released Mobile Lite and Mobile Premium versions of our product Developed an 18-month Product Forecast Ruby Community & Confreaks Ran the 3rd annual […]

Neighbors for Kids & Toyota – 100 Cars for Good

TL;DR -> Neighbors for Kids (Depoe Bay, OR) has a chance – today only – to win a Toyota vehicle – YOU need to vote to help make it happen. My daughter and grandsons asked if I could help use my social network/media knowledge to help make this happen, so here is the details. […]

PR about me joining G5

1129 W 37th Drive – a room in LA

Wow…  I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like it.  Got back to the house that I’m renting a room in tonight about 10:30 PM.  Several of the others where in the kitchen eating, they greeted me as I opened the front door.  So I set my bag down in my room and […]

Something to ponder…

“We can deny everything, except that we have the possibility of being better. Simply reflect on that.” -h.h. the 14th dalai lama

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The World According to Logos

Ok so this is an experimental post with my digg account to my blog. Thought I’d try it out. If pictures are worth a thousand words, logos must be worth at least a few hundred. That seems to be the logic behind the Web 2.0 trend of aggregating company information through their nameplates alone. The […]


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