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Two spaces after a period is wrong ?

kun je downloaden van soundcloud So today i just unlearned something – or learned the reason I have been doing something for ever that is no longer appropriate. When typing there should only be a single space after a period herunterladen. Really? A single space? Even as I’m typing this my right thumb automatically double […]

Moving on…

Yesterday was my last day as VP of Engineering for G5, I was able to transition the team over to my new Director of Engineering, Brian Ricker, who started in January metro exodus. I spent 16 months at G5 building up a team, and then having a chunk of it scatter to the winds. It […]

The first half has elapsed – 2011

Well the first half of 2011 has elapsed, or will do so shortly. What’s happened in the last six months? G5 My 90-day Warranty Expired where can I download ebooks for free. We added five engineers to the team. Released Mobile Lite and Mobile Premium versions of our product Developed an 18-month Product Forecast Ruby […]

Neighbors for Kids & Toyota – 100 Cars for Good

TL;DR -> Neighbors for Kids (Depoe Bay, OR) has a chance – today only – to win a Toyota vehicle – YOU need to vote to help make it happen wie kann man bei bolt musik herunterladen deutsch. My daughter and grandsons asked if I could help use my social network/media knowledge to help […]

PR about me joining G5

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1129 W 37th Drive – a room in LA

Wow…  I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like it.  Got back to the house that I’m renting a room in tonight about 10:30 PM.  Several of the others where in the kitchen eating, they greeted me as I opened the front door.  So I set my bag down in my room and […]

Something to ponder…

netflix sendung herunterladen “We can deny everything, except that we have the possibility of being better. Simply reflect on that.” -h.h. the 14th dalai lama facebook gruppe herunterladen herunterladen avast vollversion kostenlos herunterladen google fortnite

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The World According to Logos

videos on facebook handy Ok so this is an experimental post with my digg account to my blog. Thought I’d try it out. If pictures are worth a thousand words, logos must be worth at least a few hundred samsung handy bilder auf pc herunterladen. That seems to be the logic behind the Web 2.0 […]


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