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Category Archives: Note to Self

sp_who, sp_who2, and sp_who_3

herunterladen I have used sp_who and sp_who2 frequently as a DBA on Microsoft SQL servers. I came across sp_who3 a year or so ago, and have used it since. It’s a handy sproc to have when working on MS SQL 2000 herunterladen. sp_who_3 : an enhanced and efficient version of sp_who dropbox herunterladen pc

man for ruby – cli tool cheat

herunterladen Great tool for ruby. minecraft geist herunterladen kann keine appen scrabble letters downloaden downloaden von youtube

My Composer – Bypass Resolution

taxman herunterladen echo on > /proc/eth0/bypass/bypass_eth0/std_nic amazon prime movie dvd downloaden op pc spiele free downloaden adobe photoshop cs6 gratis downloaden

SQLite – Date Formats for strftime()

joyn on tv ** strftime( FORMAT, TIMESTRING, MOD, MOD, …) ** ** Return a string described by FORMAT. Conversions as follows: ** ** %d day of month ** %f ** fractional seconds SS.SSS ** %H hour 00-24 ** %j day of year 000-366 ** %J ** Julian day number ** %m month 01-12 ** %M […]