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Random digging…

Tonight I attempted to get a one-click install app on Dreamhost running again. To be specific this is an installation of Gallery 2 written in PHP that sometime in 2007-2011 time period was a a great offering. It has been broken for some time. My access to Dreamhost over the last several years has primarily […]

Musings of a father

So it’s Saturday morning, I’m headed to AUS from my hotel after recording Keep Ruby Weird in Austin, Texas yesterday.  Russ Olsen’s story about our efforts to land on the moon is one of the best presentations I have seen at a software development conference.  I’d link to the video, but for now it’s just […]

A time for change from AT&T to Heroku

After 2 years 2 months and 4 days of working at AT&T Services, Inc.  I resigned on June 13th, 2014.  I finished my last day at AT&T on July 11th, 2014.  During my 26 Months with AT&T I worked with a lot of really incredible people.  I learned a ton of things about “Enterprise” sized […]

Dell Ultrasharp Monitor Lock Out – U2711

I’ve had a pair of the Dell U2711’s now for almost nine months, tonight I went to switch from DVI to the Display port on one of them (Switching from my PC back to my Mac), and when I pressed the OSD Menu button I got a purple lock symbol on the screen…. WTF? After […]

Sweden Adventure Day #5

June 8, 2013 Note: These are notes – I will update this post with pictures and more writing after the trip. 8ish get up, awesome getting so much sleep – feel wonderful! drive back through Toreboda to Fägre check out the grave yard across from Fägre Kyrka turn on video camera – so I can […]

Ruby/Rails Conferences I know of between now and EOY

So between now and the end of the year this is the list of conferences that I’m relatively sure are happening.  If I missed any please let me know. 06/23 – 06/23 (Sat): Gotham Ruby Conference (New York, NY) 06/29 – 06/30 (Fri-Sat): Scottish Ruby Conference (Edinburgh, Scotland) 08/03 – 08/04 (Fri-Sat): Cascadia […]

Los Angeles Ruby Conference 2012

Well we are at the end of the 2012 Los Angeles Ruby Conference, it has been a great event! Two days of workshops, followed by a single track conference with 190+ attendees. This year I handled the introduction of each of our speakers as we went through the day. About half way through I realized […]

Redcat Racing – Earthquake 8E

Cooliris embedded wall experiment

Playing around with Cooliris’s embedded wall and it’s links to flickr for some graphic presentations. Downside => SWF based 🙁 Upside => Cool presentation for those with flash installed.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-14

I'm at el rancho Grande in Bend, OR #