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Crystal Clear Distilled (Revisiting)

‘’(Extract from ‘’Crystal Clear: A Human-Powered Methodology for Small Teams‘’) Alistair Cockburn, 2004 ‘’ ‘’At the end, it is time to roll it all back up again: What is the core of Crystal Clear, and what are the add-on practices that get the team farther into the safety zone super mario 64 kostenlos herunterladen? This […]

Smidig 2008

Just shipped all of the Confreaks, LLC gear that I had in LA off to SLC so that Carl can get it prepped and shipped to Oslo, Norway. For the second year in a row we are headed to Oslo to record Smidig, an Agile Software Development conference can beed from amazon prime series. The […]

Smidig 2007 – Part 2

Wow, what a trip. After flying from SLC to Milwaukee to Amsterdam to Oslo we arrived and were picked up at the airport. We immediately headed into to Oslo to DoGA to get things setup, so we could start recording the next morning seafight glitzi bot kostenlos downloaden. Thanks to North West airlines two of […]

Smidig 2007

Well I’m sitting in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport waiting for the connecting flight to Oslo, Norway. Carl and I as Confreaks, LLC are going over to record the Smidig 07 conference herunterladen. It is a Norwegian conference on Agile Software Development. See for details herunterladen. Videos for the conference will be posted in December. […]