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Technology yet again…

Driving up Söderköpingsvägen on the way from Öland to Stockholm.  Just got my laptop out, plugged it into my iPad that is using a prepaid Telia SIM card and I’m on the internet with my laptop in the car.  Not a big deal today, I’ve done similar posts from 30,000 feet in the air on […]

Sweden Adventure Day #1

June 4, 2013 Today was strange… spending 9 hours and 23 minutes on an airplane, followed by a 60 minutes to run from one end of the airport (Gate E) to the other (literally Gate B35) at AMS, and clear Customs.  It was a challenge, made it with about seven minutes to spare. Then a […]

Sweden Adventure Day #0

June 3, 2013 Today started a bit early, got up finished packing clothes, make final gear decisions, get that packed up. Went and had breakfast with my Dad at Jake’s Diner in Bend – they have an awesome Country Biscuit breakfast, then we headed back to the house.  Bend Cab company showed up 10 minutes […]

Sweden Adventure Day # -1

June 2, 2013 2:41 PM Pacific Time Another fairly relaxed day.  Dad has been doing genealogical research on Kelli’s family line.  I’ve started to pack up my backpack with all of my electronics and photo/video gear.  Pictures to follow latter today, once everything is packed and ready to go.  We made a trip out to Best Buy […]

Sweden adventure about to begin

June 1, 2013 My parents arrived at RDM yesterday I picked them up about noon, returned home, finished out the workday with my team. Today I’ve booked a Volvo S80 or similar car for the 4th to the 14th, picking it up at the Arlanda airport near Stockholm.  I also booked our hotel (my father […]