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yafinr – Yet Another Forum (in Ruby)

After installing and supporting YAF.NET ( for a couple of clients, I have decided to build another YAF, but I’ll do it in Ruby. The trips back into the land of ASP.NET and C# have been painful to say the least. So tonight I started hacking… haven’t done much of that in a while, too […]

Schooled by C++

Well last night, after experience truely random behavior in my database interface daemon project, I finally tracked down my issue. A Vector of Strings that was being passed in, and was being left empty, I had programatically made the assumption that it would have values. Sometimes my pointers hit safe memory, other times they did […]

Maps, Queues and other containers in the STL

I have been working a lot lately with Maps and Queues in STL. Good stuff, see links below for details:

C++ How to: Convert from string to int and int to string

How do I convert a string to an int in c++? The simplest way is to use the function int std::atoi(const char*) declared in cstdlib. For example, std::atoi(“42”) returns 42. Alternatively, you can use std::strtol() or std::strtoul(). These functions provide more functionality such as the ability to convert hexadecimal or octal number strings, and are […]

Time Measurement in c++

In C++, you can measure time with the following: #include clock_t start,finish; double time; start = clock(); // The Code you want to clock goes here. finish = clock(); time = (double(finish)-double(start))/CLOCKS_PER_SEC;

std::vector – easy way to get arrays from c++ to Perl

We have been working on getting the results from our c++ library out to the perl programs in our system. Using SWIG ( Hit some snags with passing arrays of strings. So we changed to using vector’s, and things are work smoothly now. On to createing the class that will represent the Database(s) in the […]