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Madison Ruby Conference 2011

It was a great conference @madisonruby, and I’ve been to a lot of them…  Although I haven’t entirely decided if it was an awesome conference in it’s own right, or if I just had an awesome time gangstar rio for free. Don’t get me wrong Jim and Jen and their staff did an incredible job, […]

A long overdue update – on Confreaks

download cat images So I final wrote a long overdue update about Confreaks, its available on the confreaks blog. I’ll be writing more about Confreaks, the equipment I’m using now, and the revised process I’m using these days insta video app. pokemon home herunterladen

Clearing your DNS cache on OS X

ios 12.0 To clear the DNS cache on Mac OS X 10.5 use: dscacheutil -flushdnscache on 10.4 and earlier try: lookupd -flushdnscache Needed this just now as I was setting up the new sub-domain for Goruco 2009 Confreaks site free music from youtube. hardcopy downloaden

Dan Yoder’s (@dyoder) LA Ruby Conf 2009 Presentation

whole youtube playlist online All of the LA Ruby Conf 2009 Videos are now available online hp herstelschijf downloaden. It has taken a while to actually get to processing them, but it didn’t take long once I was able to focus on it and get them done (this past weekend) for free 4 images 1 […]


I should be in Orlando Florida right now, helping record acts_as_conference rammstein angel free. ATTi is a Platinum sponsor for this conference and one of my Sr. Engineers, Lori Holden will be presenting on ActiveORM, part of the merb + rails => Rails 3 project herunterladen. Instead I spent the day doing an internal web-cast […]

sqlite3-ruby on windows

So I’m working along this morning toping and tailing videos from rubyconf2008.  I am also working on a new app for the confreaks web-site, that will allow more dynamic access to all of our recorded presentations.  My post production work on our videos uses AVISynth which runs on Windows, so I’m stuck in Windows XP […]

RubyConf 2008!

defragmenteren windows 7 gratis downloaden Jamming to get my stuff packed and organized so I can jump on a plan to Orlando in the morning. Hard to believe this is my 3rd RubyConf. Good things are in the wind… Hopefully more soon from the east coast, videos will be recorded, processed and posted to Confreaks […]


Airline alphabet soup.  Translates to Los Angeles to Detroit to Amsterdam to Oslo. Headed overseas to record the second annual Smidig conference stargate pc spiel kostenlosen. I wanted to stick a photo of LAX in here, but it turns out the USB cable I use to transfer photos got stuck in a bag that I […]

10/1 – Emergency Release and Build 2.0 of

What a day… after a long deployment yesterday, we had a few issues that demanded correcting today and called for an emergency release for YPC.  It’s done things are good call of duty black ops 3 kostenlos herunterladen. Been home about 90 minutes, in that time I helped my friends over at Rareview deploy Build […]

Smidig 2008

Just shipped all of the Confreaks, LLC gear that I had in LA off to SLC so that Carl can get it prepped and shipped to Oslo, Norway. For the second year in a row we are headed to Oslo to record Smidig, an Agile Software Development conference can beed from amazon prime series. The […]