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Earthquake 8E – Breakage and Hop-ups Issue #1

So I’ve had my Redcat Racing Earthquake 8E for almost a month now. Including my own stupidity for getting it wet and burning out the ESC here are the items I have HAD to replace on the vehicle: Replaced ESC with a HobbyKing XERUN 150A ESC Replaced connectors on batteries with deans connectors instead of […]

Cooper Racing and Repair – a day at the track

I had ordered a replacement ESC(Electronic Speed Controller) for the one that I burned out while running on the beach (water + electronics => fail) netflixen voor offline.  I went with the HobbyWing XERUN 150A.  When it came it, it had the deans connectors on it instead of the banana clips that the factory ESC […]

More adventures with my Earthquake 8E

herunterladen Last weekend after Cascadia Ruby Conf I headed down to Depoe Bay for some time on the coast with my family.  It was a great time.  This post is about my experiences with my Earthquake 8E and how things went on the beach hoe minecraft map. So I got a two good runs in […]

Earthquake 8E from Redcat Racing

After driving my Hotshot and breaking something on nearly every outing (27 year old plastic can be brittle).  I decided I wanted to see what the current RC Cars are like wie tiptoi herunterladen.  I wanted a vehicle I could bash, something that was fast and 4wd.  After watching a bunch of videos on youtube […]