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Random digging…

strato websiteen Tonight I attempted to get a one-click install app on Dreamhost running again. To be specific this is an installation of Gallery 2 written in PHP that sometime in 2007-2011 time period was a a great offering windows 7 kostenlos 32 bit vollversion. It has been broken for some time. My access to […]

CentOS – Parallels Virtual Appliance

powerpoint programs for free Parallels, provides as part of their community section a nice directory of virtual appliances for download with Parallels 2.0 and above.  You can find it at Parallels Appliance Directory.  The CentOS 5 Server application has been a great starting point for me for testing deployments of some of our applications.  I […]

Cleaning up the .svn directories from OS X or Linux

windows 7 ohne product key herunterladen Handy little command to quickly remove all those .svn subdirectories from a project. find . -type d -name .svn | xargs rm -rf another alternative find where can I download my tax notice. -type d -name .svn’ -print0 | xargs -0 rm -rdf herunterladen

Personal Brain 4.0

I’ve been using Personal Brain ( for a little over five years now herunterladen. With this latest version they have finally released a client for OS X as well as for Linux. It is great to not have to use Parallels to access it russische lieder herunterladen. For a while I switched to Journlr under […]

RoR on Debian on Sparc

Installing Ruby on Rails from Source on a Debian Linux running on a Sun Ultra 5 Workstation, has been an adventure. Actually getting ruby on – no problem, download, make etc… Then getting Gems installed so I can install rails… not so easy chrome remote desktop herunterladen. When attempting to run ruby setup.rb for Gems […]

Ubuntu – Dapper Drake

I’ve been playing with my Ultra 5 Workstations again. I decided that with a bit more memory and a current linux current and Gnome or KDE that they would make nice introductory/development machines for my kids kinofilme zumen. I pulled Debian Sarge R2, which is still using the 2.4.2x Kernl, and got things running smoothly, […]

Linux on MIPS

wie kann ich kostenlose musik herunterladen The ISO to CD approach for my Indy was flat wrong. I was unable to actually boot from CD’s. So I setup a TFTP server and DHCP server on one of my Ultra 5 workstations and booted the Indy using bootp to start from the network whatsapp web file. […]

Linux on different architectures

appen op pc Well as I have been spending more and more time on linux, I decided it was time to break out some of the old hardware. I have an SGI Indy, and several Sun Ultra 5 machines, that still have their native OS’s installed kann man google chrome kostenlos herunterladen. It’s time to […]

A little bit of shell scripting…

the ice queen film free german The following information was handy since I have not done much in the way of shell scripting in a very long time. Borrowed this information from: Update: (10/7/2008) The above link is no longer valid, and since I didn’t reference enough of it to be useful, this post […]