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Clearing your DNS cache on OS X

ios 12.0 To clear the DNS cache on Mac OS X 10.5 use: dscacheutil -flushdnscache on 10.4 and earlier try: lookupd -flushdnscache Needed this just now as I was setting up the new sub-domain for Goruco 2009 Confreaks site free music from youtube. hardcopy downloaden

CentOS – Parallels Virtual Appliance

powerpoint programs for free Parallels, provides as part of their community section a nice directory of virtual appliances for download with Parallels 2.0 and above.  You can find it at Parallels Appliance Directory.  The CentOS 5 Server application has been a great starting point for me for testing deployments of some of our applications.  I […]

yafinr – Yet Another Forum (in Ruby)

After installing and supporting YAF.NET ( for a couple of clients, I have decided to build another YAF, but I’ll do it in Ruby iphone e mail herunterladen. The trips back into the land of ASP.NET and C# have been painful to say the least. So tonight I started hacking… haven’t done much of that […]

Cleaning up the .svn directories from OS X or Linux

windows 7 ohne product key herunterladen Handy little command to quickly remove all those .svn subdirectories from a project. find . -type d -name .svn | xargs rm -rf another alternative find where can I download my tax notice. -type d -name .svn’ -print0 | xargs -0 rm -rdf herunterladen

Personal Brain 4.0

I’ve been using Personal Brain ( for a little over five years now herunterladen. With this latest version they have finally released a client for OS X as well as for Linux. It is great to not have to use Parallels to access it russische lieder herunterladen. For a while I switched to Journlr under […]


herunterladen I’ve been playing on my Macbook Pro, and came across an application called Journler ( herunterladen. It seems to be a very flexible and supports auto-posting to blogs that support the MetaWeb-API, as well as directly posting to LiveJournal film von youtube herunterladen mac.

Mac OS X / Ruby – RubyConf 2006

As luck would have it, a little over two weeks after I purchase my Macbook Pro, Apple bumps from Core Duo to the Core 2 Duo whatsapp ohne sim karte herunterladen. At RubyConf 2006 this past weekend, Laurent Sansonetti of Apple Computer gave a great presentation on Ruby OSA for manipulating Apple Events […]