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Madison Ruby Conference 2011

It was a great conference @madisonruby, and I’ve been to a lot of them…  Although I haven’t entirely decided if it was an awesome conference in it’s own right, or if I just had an awesome time. Don’t get me wrong Jim and Jen and their staff did an incredible job, and it was a […]

Moving to Oregon!

It’s with some sadness and much excitement that I have taken a new position as VP of Engineering with G5 Search Marketing.  The company is located in Bend, OR. Tomorrow is the first day of my last week in the office at AT&T Interactive (ATTi). It was a tough decision to leave behind the teams that I […]

LA Ruby Meetup

Ruby in Los Angeles This is our 28th la ruby meetup, starting in May of 2008.  We’ve only missed one month.  28 meetings… That’s great, but in addition to the regular monthly meetup a we’ve also ended up hosting various code jams, hackfests, and lunches.  In addition Evan Phoenix and Shane Becker have recently established […]

Feedburner RSS Feed Headliner

Playing with feedburner’s options. ↑ Grab this Headline Animator

Lightning Talks – Day 1 from Mountain West Ruby Conference @mwrc

Playing with the embed option on the confreaks video player. I just overrode the height and width so that it would fit nicely on my blog.


Thanks to a blog post by Jim Meyer I started playing with Jira4R tonight. After a bit of hacking I got a nice little script that would allow me to easily add comments to jira from the command line. Here is my sample: (I had to do the funky inclusion with soap/mapping to get past […]

Dan Yoder’s (@dyoder) LA Ruby Conf 2009 Presentation

All of the LA Ruby Conf 2009 Videos are now available online. It has taken a while to actually get to processing them, but it didn’t take long once I was able to focus on it and get them done (this past weekend). Feel free to post any comments about this video below.


I should be in Orlando Florida right now, helping record acts_as_conference. ATTi is a Platinum sponsor for this conference and one of my Sr. Engineers, Lori Holden will be presenting on ActiveORM, part of the merb + rails => Rails 3 project. Instead I spent the day doing an internal web-cast of our (ATTi) all […]

AT&T Interactive: The Many Facets of Ruby

Well it has taken some time, but I’ve finally put my slides from the Voices That Matter: Professional Ruby Conference online. If you have questions feel free to contact me.

sqlite3-ruby on windows

So I’m working along this morning toping and tailing videos from rubyconf2008.  I am also working on a new app for the confreaks web-site, that will allow more dynamic access to all of our recorded presentations.  My post production work on our videos uses AVISynth which runs on Windows, so I’m stuck in Windows XP […]