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Smidig 2007 – Part 2

Wow, what a trip. After flying from SLC to Milwaukee to Amsterdam to Oslo we arrived and were picked up at the airport. We immediately headed into to Oslo to DoGA to get things setup, so we could start recording the next morning. Thanks to North West airlines two of our cases of gear did […]

Smidig 2007

Well I’m sitting in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport waiting for the connecting flight to Oslo, Norway. Carl and I as Confreaks, LLC are going over to record the Smidig 07 conference. It is a Norwegian conference on Agile Software Development. See for details. Videos for the conference will be posted in December. Edit: Videos […]

Getting Real

While doing further exploration of 37signals I came across their book Getting Real, it’s well worth the $19.00, if only to have all the random thoughts that you have had for years about software development be put into writing. Not to mention that a lot of the material applies to things outside the software development […]

Project Management

Well the Ruby on Rails learning process is going well. I decided to check out Basecamp, since David Heinemeier Hansson is behind them both. So far I’m very impressed with basecamp. I just signed up for their Plus plan which adds Time Tracking to the system, and at $49.00 a month I can’t spend the […]


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Time Measurement in c++

In C++, you can measure time with the following: #include clock_t start,finish; double time; start = clock(); // The Code you want to clock goes here. finish = clock(); time = (double(finish)-double(start))/CLOCKS_PER_SEC;