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Playing with technology…

Experimenting with using my ipod touch as a one handed keyboard for my mac book pro – not too bad , slow because i can not touch type on the ipod, but with a little practice it could be effective. Of course punctuation and symbols are really difficult to use but the overall typing isn’t […]

RubyConf 2008!

Jamming to get my stuff packed and organized so I can jump on a plan to Orlando in the morning. Hard to believe this is my 3rd RubyConf. Good things are in the wind… Hopefully more soon from the east coast, videos will be recorded, processed and posted to Confreaks as quickly as we can.


Airline alphabet soup.  Translates to Los Angeles to Detroit to Amsterdam to Oslo. Headed overseas to record the second annual Smidig conference. I wanted to stick a photo of LAX in here, but it turns out the USB cable I use to transfer photos got stuck in a bag that I put in my checked-in […]